Alain Patience Mizero

Creating a Translation Service

Hallelujah, my project is up and running after three months of research (this message was written during the protype project). By taking my project and using it as an assignment for my class I was lifted you couldn't imagine. Running like rocket not like the Orion though. Keep in mind that this is a prototype I have to make it look nice before it is public. Also, you will see that I used languages that are not African, it is because they were available right then. They were used as demo. You can try for yourself. The demo uses 6000 most used words, that is another sign that it is not complete. Anyhow, that was a description of what was behind the scene these three months. What kept me unseen.

Beside being unseen, I have a been carpooling three times per week, which is a good experience. You cannot imagine. I feel blessed by having this opportunity. I will be honest with, people do ask me how do you do that, I mean, how to you carpool for 2 hours one way and two hours another way, then have to study then have time to rest and all those kind questions.

I tell myself before I reply to anybody asking such question. I am blessed and I cannot ask more. People think that everything is granted, but you work for it. When I am obnoxious, rarely I am I, say do you remember how life was life sometime in the past. So people worked hard to get you here so will I.

Well, that is to tell you I cannot wish more and I am getting there. The year of 2014 has been a blessing. My experience at Western brought this project life, I am excited will launch soon. UW is also giving me more insight, like if I hadn't this assignment that pushed me and allowed to fast forward the Time Machine and accomplish my project in this small time.

Only time will tell. Time will tell you that is never late and you still have a chance to rewrite history. You are part of it. Come with me on a journey where we write history right? Let us rewrite history as the time goes by.

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